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Releasing Negativity Meditation (Guided Meditation Audio)

Guided Meditation audio file with a PDF of instructions. Perfect meditation for beginners, or regular meditators who are just looking for something different.
This meditation focuses on releasing negative energy from yourself. Perfect way to start the day!
The guided imagery has you blow into a magical red balloon where you release all your doubt, anger, negative thoughts into it and release into the sky.

Run time: 6:41

Music by:
I completely own the copyright to this audio file.

Please allow 24 hours to receive the file as I am manually emailing it to you. Add "" to allowed contacts or check you Junk/Spam folder if you do not receive it within 24 hours. You will receive two (2) files: one is a .mp3 file of the guided meditation and the other is a .PDF file for instructions on how to meditate for beginners.


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